JungleTree: The First 100

Huzzah! 100 commits on the core JungleTree project. There’s a lot more than that under the surface, though. I’ve tried to keep myself organised from this point on. In the beginning, there was only going to be one service to handle everything. This wasn’t what I had in mind, if you refer to my first post on the subject (Working Microservices into Minecraft). The structure is now such, that you can run each service independently. Everything, for the time being, is pulling traffic from a single messaging service (ActiveMQ). In the long term, this will be scaled up to use however many required. For the time being though, I can leave that aside and focus on developing the connections required.

Next up on the project is exactly that. I have the event service and networking service that I need to bridge together. Once that’s in place, I’ll have a functional baseline where I can build other things – world generation and storage being two of them.